Hi! I’m Chris Morgan.

I’m a software developer by trade and a Christian by life.

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A fun little piece of Rust artwork.

My dark theme implementation

I decided to add a dark theme as part of my new website. It turns out that the implementation of such a thing is not quite trivial, so here’s some information about how I achieved it.

A new website

After five years with a hacked‐together Hyde site, I present my new differently‐hacked‐together Zola site.

Tween: a middleware library experiment

Web frameworks normally have the concept of middleware; we’ve tried developing fancy fully type-safe middleware in Rust before, but not very successfully. I finally got it to work. Tween is the experimental result.

Rust ownership, the hard way

In order to truly understand Rust, one needs to understand its crucial differentiating feature: ownership. Let’s go through it in detail the hard way.

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