Greetings! I’m Chris Morgan.

I’m a software developer by trade and a Christian by life.

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U+: pretty Unicode code point literals for Rust

Stop worrying about whether char literal syntax uses '\u{1234}', "\u1234", \x1E\x88\xB4 or something else, and use the True Unicode Syntax of U+1234!

Don’t use the Unlicense: it’s an inferior license wrapped in an atrocious name

Not only is it poorly drafted with better alternatives available, but “Unlicensed” means the precise opposite of “unlicensed”.

make me a sandwich

xkcd 149. I was hungry.

Using make and git diff for a simple and powerful test harness

People regularly go for complex test harnesses; and when you’re in an ecosystem, they can be a good fit. But outside ecosystems, it’s actually quite easy to produce a fairly good test harness.

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