About me

I am Chris Morgan. (I hope you had already grasped that fact.)

I live out in a tiny country town called Navarre in western Victoria, in Australia.

The most important thing about me is that I am a Christadelphian (please ask me about it). What follows is merely how I spend some of the rest of my time and is very distinctly of secondary importance in my life.

I speak and write Australian English by default, but I can switch to writing American English without difficulty.

With computers

My tools of choice at present: Vim, Rust, HTML, CSS, Firefox, Arch Linux.

I consider myself a generalist mostly-web developer.

Professionally, in recent years I’ve mostly worked on web frontend matters (e.g. on Fastmail’s webmail), with some web backend and plenty of tooling stuff (I like to make people’s life easier).

Personally, I’ve done various web frontend, web backend, and non-web programming.

I wrote the first de facto standard HTTP library in Rust, rust-http—though it’s long retired now.

Incidentally, I’m currently available for hire for consulting, training, &c.

Contact me

Use email. I’m me@chrismorgan.info.

Naturally I have lots of other identities on various sites. I’m almost always “Chris Morgan” or a slight variation of it.

Some of my identities are:

@__chrismorgan (no longer particularly active)
Stack Overflow
Chris Morgan
Hacker News