About me

I am Chris Morgan. (I hope you had already grasped that fact.)

I live out in a tiny country town called Navarre in western Victoria, in Australia.

The most important thing about me is that I am a Christadelphian (please ask me about it). What follows is merely how I spend some of the rest of my time and is very distinctly of secondary importance in my life.

I speak and write Australian English by default, but I can switch to writing American English without difficulty.

With computers

My tools of choice at present: Vim, Rust, HTML, CSS, Surface Book, Firefox, Windows, Arch Linux.

I generally consider myself a full-stack web developer.

I wrote the first de facto standard HTTP library in Rust, rust-http.

Professionally, I work for Fastmail as a frontend web developer, working on the Fastmail webmail and on our group email solution Topicbox (if Mailman means anything to you: that kind of thing, but pleasant to use).

Contact me

Use email. I’m me@chrismorgan.info.

Naturally I have lots of other identities on various sites. I’m almost always “Chris Morgan” or a slight variation of it.

Some of my identities are:

@__chrismorgan (no longer particularly active)
Stack Overflow
Chris Morgan
Hacker News