Hire me for consulting, training and mentoring in Rust, web, performance and more.

Available for mentoring, training, and smaller projects.

If you’re interested in hiring me for anything, short or long, email me. I’ll normally respond within 12 hours.

My expertise

I am an expert generalist software developer. My particular favourite topics are Rust, the web in general, performance, usability and accessibility.

I’ve been using Rust since 2013 and am expert in it. I was a very early mover in applying Rust to the web space, pioneering a number of novel approaches to handling the web that played to Rust’s strengths, though I’m not much involved in web framework/library implementation at this time. More recently I’ve been using Rust in various web and non‐web things.

Services offered


I offer my services world‐wide remotely over the internet, and in person for Australia and New Zealand.

For on‐site visits, I’m currently willing to travel to Melbourne [I live in a tiny country town in western Victoria called Navarre.] for a minimum of a day’s work (eight hours), or to just about anywhere in Australia or New Zealand for at least a week’s worth of work (forty hours). I’m open to negotiating on‐site visits in other countries too, but it’ll be at much higher rates. And the internet’s pretty good these days.

How much

My standard rate is AUD 100 per hour for Australia [GST not applicable, I am not currently registered for GST.] and New Zealand, and USD 100 per hour for the rest of the world. I mostly round to the nearest half hour.

These rates are purely indicative; I reserve the right to vary my rates by client.

I normally bill in arrears, and can accept payment by credit card (via Stripe) or by bank transfer in most countries (via Wise).


Here are some reviews I’ve received, some from 1:1 mentoring on the Codementor platform (which I used to use), and some from direct sources like training.

Interested? Email me and let’s talk.

If you’re interested in hiring me for anything, drop me a line and we can talk. If you’d like a voice or video call, I default to using Jitsi Meet (free and open source, and nothing extra to install), but I’m also readily available on Skype and Discord, and can also use any other platform that you provide if it works in a browser; mention a preference and your contact details for that platform if applicable and we can connect that way too.

I don’t currently use a formal bookings system, but I do have general guidance on my typical calendar availability.