Chris Morgan

I’m a software developer, dealing mostly in web things.

I’m also (more importantly) a committed Christian—please talk to me at any time about that.


My first post, concerning the blog itself

There, I finally got round to finishing this blog off enough that I’m not too ashamed to publish it. (Only three years after deciding to do so, and only two after being practically done.) Now I can post things rather than wishing I could but not being happy with any existing ways of doing so.

At the time of release of this blog, little attention has been paid to Internet Explorer. Before releasing it, I checked it in IE9 on 7. IE9 on 7 does fine, older versions probably fall down in a few places but I don’t care. This is largely a technical site and I don’t expect users of IE6/7/8 to be using it much at all. I’ll see, though.

This blog is generated by Hyde. This is a fun toy to play with, but my own code (and thus the generated HTML) is often quite messy at present. I may fix it up a little later, but I’m not too fussed about it at present.

It’s trendy to use Markdown for blogs like this, but I’m not doing that. Using HTML gives me the power to craft exactly what I want.

I’m also taking care of my typography. No ' or - here unless it’s really what I mean (like in HTML comments). Fancy UTF‐8 characters for me. This comes easy when you write in Vim. (Digraphs [:dig], plus I also have things like lnoremap <A-'> ’ which makes it just as fast to type as '.)

Comments? Questions? Corrections? If you want to contact me about anything in this post, write to me at @__chrismorgan or email me.