Blog tags

Here’s a list of all the tags that I’ve used.

Documentation (one article)

I care about documentation.

Fun (four articles)

Most of what I write is intended to be useful, but sometimes I write things just for fun. I make no guarantee that you will enjoy them; it is enough that I do.

Links (one article)

These articles are ones that deal with the topic of hyperlinks on the web.

Make (two articles)

Make is quite powerful and useful, and I enjoy making it do what I want.

Meta (three articles)

Articles about this website itself.

Miscellaneous (one article)

These posts are one‚Äźoff tech‚Äźrelated things that I don‚Äôt have a better categorisation for.

Presentations (two articles)

I give presentations on technical topics from time to time. Here are such things, as well as some things pertaining to such presentations but which aren’t actually presentations themselves.

Python (one article)

It’s no Rust, but I quite like Python and have spent a lot of time writing it in the past.

(Just don’t expect that I’ll write any more blog posts about Python, because I seldom use it now, normally using Rust or JavaScript instead.)

Rust (thirteen articles)

I write about Rust things routinely. Here they all are.

SVG (one article)

I like SVG. Here are some things I’ve written that deal with it.

Teepee (five articles)

Teepee was an attempted redesign of rust-http. It never got finished. Still, some valuable stuff came out of its design, and Hyper rose after it.

Web (eight articles)

The web has been an area of interest for me from childhood, and it’s where I’ve focused a lot of my endeavours. Here are my writings on the topic.