Calendar availability

This is an approximate guide of my typical ready availability, meaning times that I will most likely be available for appointments.

My home time zone is Australia/Melbourne. This is AEST (GMT+10) from the first Sunday in April until the first Sunday in October, and AEDT (GMT+11) from the first Sunday in October until the first Sunday in April.

Your time zone is detected as (); times shown are converted from . (If we’re anywhere near either your or my Daylight Savings Time transition, take care and do the calculations yourself, because this presentation of the data is insufficient.)

Times in my time zone In your time zone () In your time zone
Sunday (not available) (not available) Looks like you’ve
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so the task of
time zone translation
is left to you. 🙂
Monday 8am–7pm; 9pm–1am ;
Tuesday 8am–1am
Wednesday 8am–5:30pm; 11pm–1am ;
Thursday 8am–7pm; 9pm–1am ;
Friday 8am–8pm; 10pm–1am ;
Saturday 8am–11pm

When genuinely necessary, I can generally be available both earlier in the morning and later at night, but the times indicated are a good baseline.